Are my sessions with you completely confidential?

Confidentiality is important to our work together. What we discuss in your sessions is confidential, and your privacy is respected. This means whatever we talk about stays between you and me.

There are some limits to confidentiality. We go over these areas when you are ready to come in for your first appointment.

Will you tell my parents what we talk about in therapy?

If you are a Mature Minor, I do not share information that you tell me in our sessions together with anyone. This means that no one will know about what we talk about unless you tell them.

If you would like to have your parents join our sessions, they can. With your informed, voluntary, and written consent, we can include them in your sessions.

Will other people working in this agency be able to view my confidential information? (e.g., administration staff, supervisor, manager)?

Complete records of our sessions and interactions are kept in a secured area in our office suite. All personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement. This means any contact information and intake forms you complete and provide will be handled by either the administration staff or a healthcare professional here if you do see them. None of your information will be released without your informed, voluntary, and written consent.

What if you and I hold very different beliefs regarding religion or politics?

It is very likely that there will be differences between our beliefs and values, and even some similarities. Our time together is not to convince you to believe or support things the way I do.

We respect all peoples and do not discriminate or turn away anyone based on culture, nationality, ethnicity, colour, race, religion, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. You will be provided with respect and dignity, and a mutual understanding as such.

Is it okay if we do some of our sessions using Skype or a related technology?

Yes, absolutely! We use a secure online video conferencing platform. With the COVID-19 pandemic, and practising social distancing, it can be hard to talk with someone for support. If you are not able to come in for your appointments, you can rest assured knowing we are still able to connect in a virtual safe environment.

If we do use this platform, there is an informed consent form that you will need to sign.