My approach is unique because I use one that has not been fully researched as of yet. I use a consecutive approach, by first having clients go through RCT.  After that, by way of screening and seeing if it is appropriate, I place my client in a MBCT program. By first having clients go through RCT, I hope to ensure they gain the appropriate skills and can learn to make positive connections and be open to supportive relationships. This is important for clients who identify with marginalized groups because I believe a one-on-one focus on reframing their ability to create a support system is vital to the future of everyone’s wellbeing. After we both agree that the changes have been made, I screen my clients to see if they would also benefit from MBCT teachings. I then place my client in a MBCT group program to help restructure and create positive thinking patterns. By doing so, I hope to create a reality for others that they are happy, comfortable and feel safe with.

In combination with my above approach, I work with my clients to create a safe and healing space free from judgment and work with them throughout their presenting issues, all the while practising respect and expressing empathy. I believe without these factors, a positive outcome cannot be reached, and because of that, I work with my clients to spend as much time as needed by them to reach a place of trust and safety.